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We are a family-owned company Sweden. The company owns and works with the rights of Inger and Lasse Sandbergs children’s book characters.
Together they have written and illustrated more than 100 books for children aged 1 to 10 years old. Some of the books by Inger and Lasse Sandberg are published in 33 languages.The Scandinavian countries have shown almost as great an interest in the books as Sweden. For over 30 years the Sandberg books have been at second place in the Swedish library statistics with an average of over a million books hired out of all categories.
Almost all children and even their parents and grandparents know who Little Spook Laban is. One proof that the books create joy and identification among todays children comes in form of the many letters and pictures sent to Inger and Lasse from children and teachers. Children-books researchers have found that children as young as one can identify Lasse Sandbergs characters.

In addition to the books there are around 60 tv-programmes about and featuring The Thumb, Little Anna and the tall unkle and the little Spook Laban and his sister (Labolina). Apart from these programmes there are about 60 shows featuring other characters such as Dusty (Pulvret).
7 films have been inCinemas in Sweden. Films have also been in Cinemas in Holland and France with great success.
All the Nordic countries have also sent episodes from the films on TV so that all children have the ability to see them.

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